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Issue 2 - Page 14

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Hey look, it's the first versions of Summer and Winter.

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From now on, Greer needs to narrate everything forever. Move over, Morgan Freeman, you've been replaced!
Seconded! What amount would we need to hit on Patreon for THAT reward?
Except Morgan Freeman is doing the voice of Greer. You are now reading everything Greer says in Morgan Freeman's voice.
Nope, still got my nice little Scotsman's voice going. Although you did manage to make me read your comment in Morgan Freeman's voice. But GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Now you are going to reread this comment in Professor Farnsworth's voice from Futurama!
Nae! It be in Sean Connery's voice.
I love these splash 'symbolic' pages. One thing confused me here though, the lady reaching for the lute surrounded by magic stuff. I'm not quite sure how that fits. Still, I have to agree, 'Greer is Good'.
Perhaps Fame?
This is just a guess but I believe that would be Fame('cause who doesn't want to be rock star). Lovin' the art here by the way.
You get a cookie!
Petrov Neutrino
Fame, or perhaps the first / original Leanan Sidhe. (Issue 18, Page 20)
You beat me to it. The legend of the LeananShidhe was she gave inspiration to poets and singers, making them famous before they died (and she ate their soul by some legends). It would only make sense for her to be FAME... as it builds you up, draws everything out of you, and then leaves you a hollow shell, if you don't die at the top of your fame.
Given that (A) Fae can become Aspects by means of mortal belief. (B) There are more mortals now than ever before, therefore (C) there is more potential belief than ever before. (D) All fiction requires a suspension of disbelief. Therefore (D) a fictional being can become manifest with sufficient belief. Conclusion: The Doctor just might show up and sort out the Fae problem. BELIEVE IN THE DOCTOR!
Sorry, D is incorrect. No cookie for you.
Darn. Well, I like muffins better anyway. Could Puck become more powerful by means of an advertisement campaign?
So, aside from having power and will and focus, fae need to be believed in t become aspects? Or it isn't necessary, but belief is easiest way to gain lot of energy? Does only mortal belief count, or can belief of say other fey help too? So, Queens are first of Aspects? Were they worshipped as any goddess we know of ( e.g. Demeter, Aine), or was this still in prahistory?
Belief is a good way to quietly gain a lot of power. Summer and Winter became the first Aspects back before written history. They started as local goddesses, and as their worship spread out, they gained more and more power and eventually became Aspects. Belief these days is harder to tap into for power than it was back them, we're more skeptical and less inclined to trust blindly. To answer your other question; yes. You should be able to do some research and come up with a list of names that closely match the two.
Given that we have only seen fey activity on British isles, I would guess different celtic goddesses were absed off them. Aine, Caoranach, Nantosuelta,...
That means Santa and the elves are real too! They might be very powerful cause people stop believing when they grow up but kids do! So Santa is real!!!!!
Santa is just another mask worn by the Old Gods. See T.Pratchett's Hogsfather and J.Butcher's Cold Days.
That's one heck of a popularity contest. The 'prize' may just be keeping your life, or losing it to an immortal concept.
But think of how long Puck's been planning this! Shakespear's MidSummer's Night Dream, where he is a major player. Kipling's Puck of Pook's Hill, and Farewell Rewards and Fairies. Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Magician series. Puck has been bumping human memory for centuries, building up his image as the Ultimate Trickster, of the Last Fae in England (as long as Oak, Ash, and Thorn stand). He'd keeping his name on people's minds, all right.
Re: Death Aspect. I'm assuming this is the classic Robed Skeleton. I wonder if he now leans more towards the Discworld imagery, who TALKS IN ALL CAPS, AND LOVES CATS AND HINDU CURRY
Death is the dog shown, Ců-Sěth (quite literally meaning dog of the mounds), who served a similar role as the Grim Reaper in Celtic mythologies.
Hmmm. I noticed in previous pages ( Fairy Tale Arc) when somebody was speaking about Queens ( Puck as Helena, Greer about Aspects in general) they had sad/surprised face, like Summer here. I wonder does that mean they didn't intentionally become Aspects?
I adore the firelight shading on Greer's face.