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Issue 2 - Page 13

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Everyone is so chatty today. So much chin-wagging.

I'll have the final version up sometime over the weekend in between commission work. DONE! Thanks guys!

If you see a mistype, please drop us an email. We're more likely to see your message and correct the mistake faster that way. Thank you.

Comments [15]:

I've been following CN:H for a few years now, and I have to say, I'm loving it. Thank you for continuing with the comic, hun. I wish I could think of everything I want to say; I do like seeing the sketch version, though.
Thank you for reading! I'm hoping to have the finished version up here in a bit. It's been a hectic morning so far. I'm only just getting my day properly started now.
Looking great! One slight proof-read thing - "She would never have *lived* long enough..."
Thank you! I'll fix it here in a bit. Been kind of occupied this morning.
Iron Ed
Nice background scenery!
Thanks! I love caves. Hopefully Matt and I can visit the ones near my parents if we head out their way this spring. The cave system there has been closed to people for the last few years due to concerns about a White Nose infection harming the bats.
Iron Ed
I think I remember seeing an article about that in a magazine...last year(?) Probably 'Smithsonian'. Sad li'l guys.
Like the mid-version... the little colour spots amongst it makes them leap out and shout "I am important!".
The colored... oh, yeah. They're part of the line layer, so I added them in where needed. That way I don't forget them later while doing the colors.
Okay I'm a little lost. How is people knowing what he's planning to Puck's benefit when others are likely to try to interfere or intervene?
I suspect one of two things: either Fae infighting and Puck pulls his plans off anyway, with fewer Fae to challenge him, or Fae singularly go to deal with him and Puck kills them. One less problem in his way.
Join us next week for the answer. Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel! :D
Small typo in panel two. I think Jack should be saying "She would never have LIVED long enough..."
Yes, Mayfurr already pointed that out. Thank you. It's been a hectic night and morning on this end. Ruby Mae is sick again and was at the ER vet. I'm just getting my day started now and will fix it here in a bit.
Thanks for the final (lovely) version. Hope Ruby Mae is ok.