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Issue 2 - Page 08

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Goblins are very skilled at games of chance. It's one of the reasons they and leprechauns don't get along. The last thing a leprechaun who's running a casino wants to see... is a goblin walking through the front door. Goblins also run casinos and gambling dens in the CN:H world, they just don't allow goblin patrons in.

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Comments [14]:

Looks like Jack... *puts on sunglasses* ain't got jack on Greer! (I regret nothing)
With lines like that, you should! ;-)
"One more go?" "I've already lost a week's pay to you!" "So... be that a yea?" "... throw the bones"
Well that's... concerning. Seriously, nothing we've seen so far indicates that Jack is anything but a threat, so this latest development is intriguing at the very least...
Who knew that the Fae enjoyed DnD as much as mortals?
Jack: I rolled a ten. Greer: Nae good. Th' police ha' noticed ye. Jack: My lawyer character casts an Order of Restraint. He's level four.
Petrov Neutrino
"My Queen no longer believes you are a threat, so my duty is done. On a personal note, you were a worthy adversary: you amused My Queen, and escaped the trap of Summer's Fool. For my part, I hope that our paths do not cross again."
Will you look at that pile of gold. How long have those two been at it.
Okay, this is fun. Just question-are all goblins just normally good at luck games, do they train it, or is it some form of racial magic?
I would like to know as well. It seems like a very good thing to have if you're just generally lucky throughout life, a good intuitive understanding of chance is a more rational explanation, and magic makes sense if you're a fey, so it's really ambiguous what kind of luck goblins are good at.
My guess is that goblins either have an innate sense of good luck about themselves, or cause poor luck for those around them.

Goblin magic is not tied to luck, but wealth. They're attracted to wealth in all forms, and they have an affinity for making it. They are, usually, fairly morally flexible about how they go about making their money. (Greer has, according to most other goblins, fallen in with a bad crowd. He'll never get rich by following all those pesky rules.)

So if Greer and Jack were dicing for pebbles, or ice chips, it'd be up to luck, but since somehow Greer has managed to convince Jack into gambling for coin, his innate magic comes into play.

Iron Ed
I really like the little silhouette scenes you sometimes use as introductories to a page.