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Issue 2 - Page 06

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Yep, the goblins in the CN:H / AYAD world aren't exactly as they seem. They choose a form they enjoy and tend to stick with it. This goes for most of the Fey. The stronger the Fey, the more forms they can control. Lesser Fey, like Greer, tend to only have one illusion form. Greater Fey, such as Gavin, may have a handful of forms. Truly powerful Fey, like Puck... well, no one knows just how many forms he has, to be honest.

So what does a Fey's true form look like? No one other than that Fey knows. It's a secret they're not willing to share.

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That's... really cute, especially the "Greer nae tell." As if I needed a reason to like Greer more. He has the sweetest personality.
Greer's a sweetie. His dialog is a little tricky to write at times.
I very much like this development. It sounds really interesting. given what he said, i guess it is either some sort of terror inducing eldritch abomination, or creature of pure magic. Which makes me ask-does Cu Sith have skeletal form that bears scythe? Oh, is that Jack?
To be honest, I've never been willing to get close enough to the Cu Sith to find out. :D
I entirely concur with Faith on Greer's cuteness on this page, particularly the walking along the log. And is that Puck we can see there? Rats!
given that this is deep Winterland, fur is purple and there are two blue rods on top of head, i would say it is Jack.
"I always feel like... somebody's watchin' meeeeee..."
I hope I won't get banned for saying this, but shouldn't Spooky be using feet or yards here rather than metres? Everything I've read about the immediately-post-War has left me with the understanding that, prior to the intense metrication efforts that began right around 1964, the country was even less-metric than the US (which had at least passed laws in the 1890s defining all American-conventional measures as set multiples of their SI counterparts) But like I said, worried I'll anger you for picking that nit 😳
I found this in the monitored folder. I'm not sure. I've used feet and yards in the past and have been reprimanded by readers for doing so. As a result, I'm not certain which is correct. I'll check up on this more when I have a moment. Thank you.
Can I just point out here, before you have to do masses of work, as someone who lives in the UK, that actually both apply. Anyone over a certain age thinks and talks in Feet, Inches and Yards. Children are being taught metric. Metric is the official measurement, particularly for weight. BUT, we still use miles! Nothing is measured in Kilometeres. Go figure. So in fact, either would work. Also, just to completely screw everything up, a world where everyone has four digits wouldn't even HAVE a metric system as we know it...
Iiiiiii just adore Greer. So, uh... when are we getting a Greer plushie to buy?
I'd love to do a Greer plushie. It'd be so cute!
Petrov Neutrino
-heh- Avatar Greer?
Greer chooses forms based on their cuteness factor, I swear. :D
I'm gonna guess that the fey's true form is like a wisp. Maybe a ball of pure magic, am I warm or cold?