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Issue 2 - Page 03

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

And here we are, back with a new page of AYAD! Poor Emily... at least she has some cotton wool for her ears.

Comments [14]:

I love it! Allen's expression in the penultimate panel is fantastic. Welcome back, Darc!
Poor Allen just wants to sleep and this crazy woman keeps going on about a letter. *laughs* thanks! :D
I can't get how familiar the Queen is with Allen. No wonder he looks so discombobulated. She doesn't see it though, does she? Too caught up in the letter. Great to see this back.
Thank you! Yeah, I think she just doesn't see it as an issue. She's excited and in her mind she's talking to a friend. If Allen was in uniform she probably wouldn't be quite as familiar. If anything, this will teach Allen to lock his door at night. :D
Somehow I don't think a locked door would keep her Majesty out of his room... =^.~=
Ouch... worse than a chainsaw.
Oh yeah... *laughs*
Ah yes, I know it well!! The melodious buzz of a broken bearing...
Petrov Neutrino
Awww... Emily is so cute with the bunny! :)
I had to put in the bunny. I just couldn't resist. :D
Would have been even funnier if it had been a plushy of Allen.
love the partial lighting in the last few pages. allen's expressions and messy hair are perfect.
eric b
"vociferous" snorer is an amusing line.
And when the cotton in the ears stops working, Emily will reach for the pillow.