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Looks like I'm having myself a shading party this weekend. As for the questions about housing, I'm thinking - in the CN:H world - the men's and women's wings are separated by a hall of storage rooms. At least this means Mori hasn't been knocking on people's doors, waking them up.

"Hey! Yeah, hi. Listen, is there a strange, glowing gate to another realm in your room? No? Okay, thank you. Night!"

2015-05-22 00:17:00 
You portray emotions so well in your artwork! I love it. ^_^
2015-05-24 14:58:24 
Thank you! :D
2015-05-22 02:55:03 
She really wants to find Spooky doesn't she?
2015-05-22 05:11:14 
Yup, that would be a disturbing moment for any household staffer... a member of the Family opening your door and saying "Sorry, just looking for something else, bye now..." ;-)
2015-05-22 13:43:52 
I think you meant to spell "storeage" as 'storage", unless that's a colloquialism I'm unfamiliar with.
2015-05-24 14:58:36 
All fixed. Thanks!
2015-05-22 20:21:47 
And now the pain of loss.
2015-05-23 22:26:28 
Looks great
2015-05-24 14:58:52 
Thanks, Bear! :D
2015-05-24 16:40:37 
Imma be honest, when I first saw this (without shading), I thought Allen was averting his eyes from Moraine because of modesty and stuff. It took me a while to realize it was the flashlight...haha.
2015-05-27 06:25:13 
I actually though the same until I read the the 'It's rather bright' line.
2015-05-25 05:29:41 
Fabulous work on the shading. Really brings out the transparency of her nightgown for some reason.
2015-05-27 17:39:40 
oh man... poor Moraine... She needs a hug.