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So many folks puttering around in the kitchen. Oh dear. To see the sketch of this page, please click here.

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Comments [36]:

Insane Kitsune
Is...Is that Colette in the background? A Ratatouille reference?
Nope. Sorry.
Petit Furs
I thought the same thing! She even appears to be a mouse/rat. What a happy accident!
Mister T
I thought more like chihuahua...
Carl Foxmarten
Very realistic vegetables in the foreground! =^.^=
You know a chef is good when they can whip peanut butter that fast...
Mannnn... I feel so sorry for the guy cutting the bell peppers. He does not look like he wants to be there.
To me it looks more like what he is doing is routine so that he doesn't have to fully concentrate on it. Could be someone in the Royal Family likes bell peppers so much that they are added to the salads every day.
Looks more like he is singing to himself as he works.
I agree, singing or whistling.
Petrov Neutrino
I see that Henry brought the red wrapped bundle, and seems to be getting a bit of grief about it from the chef.
"You are going to make my soufflé collapse!"
Now that's a jolly kitchen! And is that some sort of seal I can see on the floor?
Yeah, I think it is. It could be something magical, or it could be an elaborate Royal Cypher. The monogram you see on the staff uniforms is a simple Royal Cypher for Queen Moraine. MR = Moraine Regina. Looking back a few pages (2016/01/28), the floor symbol looks like it might be the gate itself.
"Messy apron, clean sleeves!"
Great Kitchen pic, all a-bustle and accurate in detail. Even better I love the point that Darc,through Uncle Rob, is making; you stand fast and mind the details for the sake of the innocents that you're shielding. Nice!
I love all the expressions on this page! My favorite is the rabbit in the foreground with the steaming pot. She is just so pleased.
Hairnets, people? Also, if I were a Fae and given all of the steel and iron sharp edged implements in a kitchen that size, I would be afraid to attack. Hey, Tinkerbell, remember the last time you tried to act up in front of the domestic staff? Yes? Good!
When you're covered in fur (like everyone else in the world), a hairnet is less than useful. Good grooming and careful attention would be better served for that sort of thing. And in this kitchen, you can only expect the highest standards. Food fit for a Queen after all!
Nice new look to the pages. :)
I'm loving the new site design already. ... Also, this page makes me INCREDIBLY hungry...
New layout is looking good, though it's going to take a little to get used to :)
Impressive page I do like the chief yelling at Henry in the background. After all regardless of who ordered him there the kitchen is the chief's territory. I imagine shedding season would be problematic at times
Love the new site!
HEX the Dark
Congratulations to the new site!
I like the look of the new site. The synopses on the right is a great addition.
The new site design is beautiful, but it does take a bit longer to load. I imagine as things move along that'll get better though. Cheers! And I can't wait to see how much more this grows!
Yeah, we're trying to find the cause of the slowdowns and speed things up. It's near the top of the TODO list over the next couple of weeks.
Good news is it didn't take a lot of time to load this time, so maybe it was just Chrome not recognizing the new site design and freaking out because of the different images it had cached.
Thanks, we found one of the major slowdowns last night and were able to fix it. Gonna keep an eye out for more improvements.
Shadow Walker
one of the best web comics that I've read so far and I started at the beging
Foxx Trotter
Lookins' good so far... :0)
I am loving the new site. Can't wait to see Allen clear the room.
Compelling stories and amazing art...Well done! Congrats on the new site.
Larry O
Matt & Darc, love the new site and it is working well. Great work :-).
Sorry that I'm late to the party but I was wondering are some of the palace gaurds RSCI trained? maybe its my own background but it would seem like a good idea to have a few former SAS members (a lot of the Palace gaurd are either SAS, Paras or former Royal Marines) with a couple inches of polished steel on the end of their rifles ready to back everyone up.