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Issue 19 Cover

Hey guys! Thanks so much for the well-wishes! I really appreciate it! *hugs* While I'm still sore things are much better than last week, which means it's time to kick off Issue 19 and the conclusion of "Fairy Tale"! Here's the synopsis for this issue...

While waiting for the recon team to return, Max listens to a story told by the changeling, Gillian. But is Gillian's story really just a fairy tale, or something more? Part IV.

This issue will be laying down some of the groundwork for the side series - 'A Year and a Day' - as well. Gillian only knows half the story, after all. So if some pages seem like we're coming in on a conversation in the middle or it seems like part of a scene is missing, it's because you'll be seeing the full scene in 'A Year and a Day'.

Thanks again! Here's to another issue!

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Scotty K.
Looks awesome!!! I need to catch up with the series cause I've been really busy with stuff. Love it Darc, hope you feel better soon!!
Thank you! I hear you on the busy. It just takes over!
Glad you are feeling better. This cover makes me think of Christmas
Iron Ed
They really do look like Christmas ornaments. :-) Nice ones too! Almost like hanging snow-globes, with just a little magic sparkle instead. Welcome back, Darc!
Heh, they were meant to be witch balls, but the swirls obscured the characters too much so I left them off. Now it has a strange Christmas of DOOM vibe to it. *laughs*
I'm glad you're feeling better DARC. also the cover looks great can't wait to see the story inside
Thanks! I'm working up the next page today. Yesterday was for planning, reading, and still more sleep.
This is one PRETTY cover! Wow!
Thank you! It's been a while since I had any pink in a cover. I was overdue.
All the balls are in play.
Don't drop any...
Luke R.
Cute cover! Wish there was a way to make Christmas Decorations using that design...
Any craft store will carry clear plastic balls and disks closer to Christmas. Simply print the picture you want, cut it out to fit within the ball or disk and close. Use gold cord or thread as the hanger and you have your decorations. I use old Christmas cards for mine. It's a way to save something I like without it simply laying around.
That's a great idea about the cards. I should try that.
They look like balloons, but then, most things look like balloons to me. ;o)
Everyone can use more balloons in their life. They're so bright and happy! :D
Gosh darn sasafrassin' sunnova skag slaggin' cover page, keepin' me from enjoyin more plot'sn'stuffin'--Oooh, pretty. *stares, mesmerized*
Skag bait!
Bwahahahaha! My evil plan is working!
Another furry
I've been reading this from the start and oh my gosh! This is one of my favourite web comics! Is so good! The story, art and the feels are remarkable! :D I'm loving it!