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Issue 18 - Page 24

I planned on doing Issue 18 as a fifty page issue to finish the "Fairy Tale" arc up. But, today's page was a perfect spot to wrap up an issue. And, I'm itching to do a cover again.

I like the twenty-four page issue format. Even when I'm not trying to, I still end up following the formula. I also like the little thrill of finishing an issue and offering the whole thing as a download. It's like a mini victory. I need those now and then.

So I decided to go with what felt right. The conclusion of "Fairy Tale" will happen with Issue 19.

If you'd like to download a copy of this issue, the complete cbz is now available. Please feel free to share the file and help introduce others to CN:H. I don't have much funds for advertising, so telling others is a big help! Thank you and see you Monday!

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Oooooooh! So our mystery man is the famous Arthur? How fitting. I wonder exactly how his story will play out in this world.
I had a good hunch it was King Arthur. The only other mortal I can think of who would've fit the bill was Cu Chulainn, but he wasn't a royal.
Technically Cu Chulainn could be considered royalty as he was the son of Lugh the long handed one of the kings of the Sidh if memory serves. Not to nit pick just an observation. Granted it also depends on who is telling the legend as there are always multiple versions of legends.
I figured that mortal aspect was King Arthur... or maybe Uther? O_O Anyway, so he is seriously encased in ice in the Winter Queen's castle? I'm also going to guess that the Winter Queen herself possibly wants control of a new mortal aspect; or it's just dangerous for someone like Puck to have control over one, which would be bad for her (and oher fey as well).
Wow! So Winter has the only mortal born aspect in her clutches. Must be a pretty good reason she has him on ice. But is that something that Spooky and Moraine can use against the Fey?
very nicely done Darc . I'm impressed with how you drew it all together. now that we're few pages and I can see that the sites new layout plays perfectly with the story that you're telling at the moment. I know that there's more to Author's story by I'll just have to wait for you to tell us
2 notes. First, the sleeping Pendragon is missing his sword. If you look back at the double page spread, the Pendragon has a sword that is missing from this page. Could this mean that there is a chance for one of the Immortal Hunters to be wielding the blade of Arthur Pendragon? Also, if Winter controls this mortal aspect, shouldnt there be a second one controlled by Summer? There has to be balance right? Or does that mean that Moraine is in danger of being enthralled by Summer?
Considering the fact that the Pendragon's been put on ice, I wouldn't so much say that Winter's controlling him. Captured him, maybe, but without further evidence otherwise, I won't conjecture any further.
Casual Notice
Not to impose anything on Darc and Matt, but, assuming their interpretation of Arthur is as faithful to the old legends as their other references, his sword is "missing" because it was taken from him and returned to the Lady of the Lake at his "death". I doubt he is controlled or captured in any way. Preserved, to prevent the coming of another mortal aspect, maybe, but more likely, Winter (who seems representative of the Morrigan) is faithfully fulfilling her charge of guarding the Pendragon until he is needed once again by Brittania.
*nods* Not captured so much as sleeping in a safe place where he won't be disturbed. Since Winter doesn't have control over him, his being there doesn't disrupt the balance.
Arthur was taken to the Isle of Apples in some legends, to the Lady of the Lake in others. Apples you'd think would be summer, but water is Winter's domain as we saw her use it on Spooky. I would like to see where his Knights sleep, with their milk-white mares. Summer, perhaps?
HEX the Dark
The idea/story of the sleeping king, who will return when he is needed by his country most, is also in the story of Barbarossa, who is sleeping in the Kyfhäuser mountain in Saxonia.
... I think this page can be summed up as 'wow'...
Thanks guys! *blush*
King Arthur, yeaaaahhh! Best alternative to Oberon I could have hoped for ^.^
HEX the Dark
Oh. Well Spooky isn't a "descendant" of the King. But he is a mouse. As well as Max... hmm...
As is the Queen.
HEX the Dark
And her grandson.
I thought Spooky was a hound?
Yep, Spooky is a hound.
This is in the past... I wonder if a series of events will lead to the pendragon aspect being transferred to Moriane's grandson, Max.
I'm afraid Moraine's grandson is Matthew/Matti. Max isn't related to the Queen at all.
Whoops, I got confused. I didn't mean Max. :) The kid! :)
So, exactly what kind of aspect is King Arthur? And is there a chance we might see Merlin or a reference to him?
Arthur, going by the tales, would be an Aspect of Chivalry. Honor, Courage, Nobility, all the traditional 7 Virtues rested in him. Arthus was the one the best and brightest of Knights looked to as their King and whom they still try to emulate