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Issue 17 - Page 06

FurFright is this weekend. While Matt and I won't be vending, we do plan on stopping by tomorrow afternoon to wander around and hang out. If you plan on being there, maybe we'll see you!

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Very neat page. Now will Spooky agree even with the risk of a favor or refuse. Sadly we know at some point he gets stuck whether its due to time or getting tricked is a question
I'm actually wondering here. Greer looks quite young. I don't know if that makes it more dangerous to be held in dept to him. It seems favors are less of a game and more of a way of life with the fey or possibly both?
Appearance among the Fea especially in their own land is subject to not to time in a mortal sense
Hmmmm... Roderick has arrived with a reasonable amount of knowledge about the pitfalls of the Fey realm so it will be interesting to see how he negotiates the first one he is conscious for.
We are aware of the risk if he refuses, Roderick is not. But I look at Greer's cloths and seeming youth / openness. Maybe Spooky can ask what the favor would be in advance? Maybe Greer is just looking for something small, like Spooky's stuff or ... perhaps ... to go with him. That could be interesting - a guide in exchange for being a guardian? Against what? Hmm...
Am I the one who is reminded of a Pan by this Greer? One should be wary of the Pan. They look cute and innocent, but are cousins to Coyote.
C. Mage
Ah, yes. The "catch". "Sure, I'll help you out. Here's your shovel. You can't dig yourself in deeper without it."
Nice work! Now he has to make a decision and as you can see he's dammed either way! Poor Roderik And he sure looks like a Satar
That may be less of an 'I want something from you before I give you this information.' kind of thing and more of a 'I am physically and mentally unable to tell you something this important unless you do me a favor.' situation.
The least he can do is ask what the favor is before agreeing.