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Issue 16 Cover

Hey guys! This week Issue 16 begins. Here's the synopsis for this issue...

While waiting for the recon team to return, Max listens to a story told by the changeling, Gillian. But is Gillain's story really just a fairy tale, or something more? Part I.

This cover is part of a two cover spread. If you'd like to see the full image, click here.

Comments [14]:

Great cover can't wait to see this play out
Thanks Bear! It should be interesting. :D
...I don't think either of these are designed for wide screen. But then again, it is hard to find the good stuff in 1920x1080 anyway, so I'm used to it.
That's quite a screen. I don't even work that large anymore, to be honest. *laughs*
Wow, that is a GORGEOUS cover! Can't wait to see how the Fey adventure wraps up.
Thank you! We've still a bit more to go. This arc's gotten much larger than I initially planned. :D
Lily K
Wow! That's beautifully done and now I'm all aquiver with anticipation! That and I really want the dress that bunny's wearing for Ren Faire!!!
Thanks! Matt told me what kind of dress it is, but now I can't remember. :(
Robert J Cleveland
Thank you!
Awesome job I love it!!!!!!
Thanks! It was a fun one to do. :D
Karma Squirrel
Someone should inform Spooky and Her Majesty that looking that darn GOOD is illegal. It has to be. As soon as I find the law, I will show it to them, and then they will be under arrest for their combined terribly distracting appearances and the creation of too many non-canon fanfictions based on subtext and inference.
Distraction through good looks and subtext... Moraine's guide to waging war and winning. :D