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Issue 12 - Page 18

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Hera Ledro
Ah the rules...they are quite interesting. You see, if you know the rules, you are playing, and if you are playing, you lose. And the rules are that you can never be playing, for everyone always plays the game; the only victors are those who are unaware that they are losing. ...Owait, wrong rules ;D Teaser for the others: the rules are exceptionally important. PAY ATTENTION TO THEM.
GAAAAH! I just lost the game! drat you! ...interesting wording though
A page that tells a great story, AND gives the fans many things to make jokes about? This is the best comic ever!
Iron Ed
So where are your jokes??? :-)
The Rules: The Fae cannot/may not lie. (It's unsure which. This does not mean he always tells the complete truth, however.) If a Fae gives his word, he must keep it (but only to the letter. A Fae always leaves wiggle-room) In short, if a Fae tells you he can keep you safe and protected, and gives his word on it, it does not mean you won't end up as his safe, protected slave.
Or dead. A coffin is a rather safe, protected place.
Iron Ed
I'm liking that rabbit-guy in the last coupla pages. :-)
Random Guy
I just had a thought that their shampoo and grooming products companies must be larger and more powerful than our oil companies are.
Oh dear. I just remembered about Fey Boons. They're like wishes, only more chaotic, if you're not careful. Also, I just finished marathon reading the archives, and I really enjoyed this comic. It's definitely going on my "keep reading" list. Now if only I had an outlet for my deep abiding hatred of the Astorian Nobility!
Try fan fiction.
I have standards. I do NOT do fanfiction easily! Plus, I expect that Rashanna's own scheming will bite her in the ass before everything is done.